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Reaching a 'Hire' Ground

How We Reach a 'Hire' Ground

Our Approach


Have you worked with a Recruitment firm before? While we hope you had a positive experience, far too often a process that should make your life easier ends up making the hiring process seem even more frustrating. Why is that? 

 The internet has changed the industry. Our clients need talent now more than ever before, but the internet has changed the game. Recruiters now rely on huge data bases of candidates, often shared by hundreds of other recruiters, and more often than not has already been sent to your inmail more than once and perhaps many times over the years. We consider ourselves a boutique recruitment firm. We are small, lean, and geared to work with individual clients for individual needs. We do something that most headhunters simply don't do anymore. WE HEADHUNT!!! 

That's right. When you give us a position that needs to be filled the last thing we do is enter keywords into some database filled with candidates that seem to always be looking. We actually pinpoint untapped talent, reach out to them personally, and recruit them for your individual need. That's how we are able to fill our positions not only with the most qualified candidates, but often with individuals who are either local to your area or have a legitimate and personal reason to join both your team and your community. We don't deal with job lookers, we find career seekers! 

Meet Our Founder


 Joe has been recruiting in the food manufacturing industries for over 13 years. A graduate of UC Davis, Joe became fascinated with food manufacturing and the technology needed to feed the world with 21st century needs. Always a people person, Joe wanted to become part of an industy that values people above all else. He was introduced to Executive Recruiting when he was hired by Management Recruiters. For six years Joe progressively advance his career and became one of the top food recruiters in the country. By 2010 he decided it was time to manage his own recruitment firm. Along with his partners who had a combined 30 years of recruitment experience, they founded The Ivan Palmer Group. Despite starting the firm during a downturn in the economy, The Ivan Palmer Group quickly became a stunning success. We now work in all 50 States. Just as we do for our clients and candidates, we too have reached a 'Hire' ground!  

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Why Us?


Experience. The Ivan Palmer Group was founded in 2010 by three Executive Recruiters that had a combined 40 years of experience in recruiting. While other Search Firms were struggling during a downturn in our economy, we experienced a tremendous amount of success by holding true to our core values. Never give up on a search. Always follow through. And reach without fail that 'Hire' ground. Today our recruiters work in all 50 States and no matter the need nor the challenge, we are ready to work for you. 

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Find out how we work by hearing from both our clients and our candidates! 


"Joe has a way to make the process seamless and in many ways, even enjoyable. His candidates are always qualified and all the pre-screening is done before we even have the resume. He's able to find candidates that I have never seen and it amazes me how he does this. I've been in HR for over 30 years and thought I knew everyone in the industry, at least in our local area. Joe proves me wrong on every search."

~Cathy, HR Director 

"I get a call from this recruiter about a position in my local area. Unlike most recruiter calls I get, it was anything but generic. He was clear about the opportunity and open to having a discussion on my future needs. He never over sold the position. I even laughed with him that he wasn't like any headhunter I had talk too. He took it as a compliment. I was placed by Joe in 2007 with a mid sized food manufacturing company. I just celebrated my ten year anniversary and will be retiring with this company. I'm glad Joe called me that day." 

~David, Engineering Manager 

"When I have a position that needs filled I know that Joe will give me qualified and motivated candidates. It's not enough to just see resumes of already hard to find candidates. I rely on Joe to prescreen, set up the interviews, negotiate the salary, and make the transition from candidate to employee as seamless and easy as possible. I consider Joe a partner and have for over 6 years." 

~Garret, Plant Manager 

"I don't want to work with a headhunter that tries to oversell their candidates. I want one that listens and gives us the people that fits our needs. With Joe I know I will get that."

Dennis, HR Manager 

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